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Supplying machined parts,
assemblies and
specialty solutions
based on drawings, samples
and 3D data models.


Put your trust in a dependable, versatile partner who places a premium on product quality, on-time delivery and economical manufacturing strategies.




We’ll tackle your requirements and supply a wide range and variety of high-precision parts.




We can respond quickly to your requests with our extensive production capacity, state-of-the-art machinery and end-to-end CAD/CAM integration.



We can make meaningful contributions to customer designs based on our extensive design and manufacturing experience and powerful 3D CAD software.



We keep many different sizes and material grades in stock and so are highly likely to have the right material on hand for rush orders.



Since we work closely with several finishing providers, we can ship all the components we manufacture with surface finishing.


Our Service Range

i-provide GmbH specializes in supplying economically manufactured CNC parts as well as specialty solutions for the armored vehicle sector. Our broad positioning lets us excel in single-part and prototype manufacturing as well as mass production. We produce high-quality, low-cost parts on state-of-the-art machining systems using customized manufacturing strategies. We pride ourselves on our commitment to on-schedule delivery, too. Our customers can trust that they will receive the ready-to-install parts they need – and that the same people will be guiding and advising them throughout the process. That is essential for building a lasting relationship and avoiding lost information and wasted time.


i-provide GmbH was established in 2009. We have served customers as a flexible, capable and reliable supplier of mechanical parts ever since. Our company was built on a philosophy of tightly integrating engineering and manufacturing – and we still adhere to this philosophy today.

Our systematic approach, deep commitment to “excelling at adaptability” and the constant expansion of our in-house production capabilities and outsourcing network have positioned us to respond swiftly to customer needs and supply a wide range of components. Count on us to fill your orders promptly and professionally by drawing on our experience, technical expertise, advanced engineering software, end-to-end CAD/CAM integration and an ERP system that is deeply integrated across our organization.

We have everything it takes to supply bulk parts on an ongoing basis, too. With our extensive manufacturing capacity and considerable storage space, we can easily handle master contracts with call-offs staggered over time. Our superior drawing and document management system enables us to identify the exact drawing version used in manufacturing – even if the part was supplied years ago.
Our partners appreciate our commitment to quality and on-time delivery, the personal contact with rapid response times and our constructive, win-win approach to doing business.