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Premium Components for the Armored Vehicle Sector

Ballistics Classes VR4, VR7 und VR9 (B4 bis B7)

Heavy-Duty Window Regulator

i-provide is the developer and manufacturer of a premium, electric-powered heavy-duty window regulator. We have been manufacturing this product since our company was founded in 2009. Over the years, we have incorporated numerous improvements and added many variants. This means that, today, we can honestly say we supply one of the best heavy-duty window regulators on the market for armored vehicles. Its reliability, optimum quality, and impressive technical features make it a popular choice for many armored vehicle manufacturers. See for yourself and configure your own German-made heavy-duty window regulator.

  • Fits virtually all vehicles
  • Quiet operation
  • Can lift up to 75 kg
  • Window glass opening width up to 250 mm
  • Short window closing time <= 2.5 s
  • Easily adjustable shut-off at limit, without extra limit switches
  • Can be connected directly to the vehicle electrical system – connection voltage 12 - 24 V
  • Rugged, reliable construction – thoroughly tried and tested
  • Compact dimensions and very narrow design
  • Customizable

Product presentation and installation instructions (video)

Heavy-Duty Door Hinges

Custom manufacturing

Many of the door hinges we manufacture are produced to meet specific customer requirements. Thanks to our expertise in CNC manufacturing paired with extensive manufacturing capabilities, we are well equipped to manufacture cost-effective door hinges for you in any batch size. We use superior-quality materials and document their grade with material certificates. Partner companies which meet all customary automotive standards apply the surface protection. We complete the final assembly and conduct final quality inspections in-house, ensuring you receive ready-to-install door hinges that meet maximum quality standards.

Furthermore, we handle all customer data with utmost confidentiality. You can trust us to maintain this commitment to privacy as we have done so for many years.

Warehouse stock

We have developed our own door hinges for popular vehicles, which we maintain in stock. We apply the same standards to them as we do for custom-manufactured versions. You will find a list of the available heavy-duty door hinges below:

Mercedes Benz G W464

Door hinges for front and rear (8 units) and rear door (2 units)

Mercedes Benz V-Model Typ 447

Door hinges for front (4 units)

Toyota Land Cruiser 300/Lexus LX6

Door hinges for front and rear (8 units) and tailgate (2 units)

Our stock program is constantly being expanded. If the door hinge you require is not listed, please make an inquiry here.

Custom-Manufactured Chassis Components

Opting for a reinforced chassis is often unavoidable for our clients in the premium armored vehicle sector, who protect their vehicles in compliance with the highest ballistics classes while also seeking automotive certifications. Since the original chassis cannot reliably carry the added weight due to the extensive armoring, it needs to be replaced by components manufactured using strong QT and high-grade steel. Our CNC machining know-how enables us to manufacture these often complex components using well-conceived manufacturing strategies, thus ensuring cost-effective production. We manufacture exclusively based on customer data, but we can assist with the development process and provide valuable tips for a component design suitable for manufacturing.


Here are some chassis components that we have fabricated for different brands: